Sunday, March 24, 2013

Preschool : Letter Z

Fritz is currently 47 months 3 weeks

Finally, we came up to the end of the alphabet. Not really much we did as I needed time to prepare some stuffs for the new term and for his coming birthday. 

Letter Y
We continued the letter Y worksheets that hadn't finished yet last week.

Beginning letter sound of X and Y

Circle the beginning sound of letter Y

Color by following the order

Connects the dots

Again, connect the letter dots

Trace lower y

Counting letter Y in the nursery rhymes

Letter Z
Color the objects starting with letter Z

Another series of color the objects that starting with letter Z

Match the beginning sounds of objects

Circle the Z objects

Beginning letter sound of Y and Z

Color by order

Color Z objects

Connect the dots letters

Connect the letters starting from letter N to Z

Connect the letters again from A - Z the car to the path A - Z

Letter maze

Trace the lower case of Z

Count the letter Z in the nursery rhymes

Write the beginning letter

His last favorite activity

Another series of write the beginning letter

All about letter Z

Uppercase of letter Z


One of my very best friends shared this site to us, an origami site. It's really nice site to learn more about origami. It provides steps by steps to make something using origami. 

Fritz was totally excited when I showed him this site. He said he wanna try it. He made 3 figures; 2 dogs and a cat. I chose the very simple ones so he easily followed the instructions. 

He learnt how to fold paper correctly by the instructions. So far, he could follow very good. He just needed extra power to make the paper folded. LOL. Practicing more, boy! :)


Fritz was having new friends again....more story here!

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