Sunday, March 17, 2013

Preschool : Letter X and Y

Fritz is currently 47 months 2 weeks

This week, I was busy looking for a rent house but in the end of the week, we decided not to rent a house for some other reasons. So this week, Fritz was less learning with me. 

Letter X
Circle the objects started with letter X

Color X objects

Color by following the order

Connect the dot letters

Do letter maze

Write lower case of X

Count letter X in nursery rhymes

Circle X objects

Do the maze

All about letter X

Write uppercase of letter X

Letter Y 
Circle letter Y objects

Connect the dot letters

Do letter maze

Color Y objects

Do the maze again

Circle Y objects

Write uppercase letter Y

All about letter Y

Fritz was having a birthday party. This time was Quinne's birthday. Here's the story...

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