Sunday, March 10, 2013

Preschool : Letter W

Fritz is currently 47 month 1 week

Both of us were sick this week. Fritz was the first one then few days after I've got fever in Friday. So nothing much we did during this week.

Letter W

Color W Objects

Color the Whale

Connect the dots into letter W

Circle the objects started with letter W

Connect the W dots

All about Letter W

Tracing lower case of W


Actually, we wanted to make a chocolate pudding but I've got the wrong jelly powder. So we made the pink one. :D Fritz helped me to cut the powder package, then he poured it into the pan. He added some milk too. Then, I did the rest of it. I made some new creations with it. I pour some jelly into straws that I've put in a small jar. Then, it's become a spaghetti jelly. :P

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