Sunday, March 03, 2013

Preschool : Letter W and Woodland

Fritz is currently 47 months

This week, we had some fun with Woodland Theme and also had a moment to be celebrated, Oma's birthday. 

Letter W
Count letter W in Nursery Rhymes

Do upper W

Color W objects

Connect the dots into Watch

Do W maze

Cut practicing, he's getting good! 

Still his favorite activity, do maze

Help the spider to see it's child by following the letter W

Woodland Theme
Follow the Hedgehog path

Follow the Squirrel Path

Follow the Raccoon Path

Guess the first letter. He did it!

Do some simple addition

Another simple addition

Do simple tracing

Follow the pattern


We did a WATER experiments. I prepared 3 small bowls with water inside. Then, I gave Fritz 3 primary colors - yellow, blue and red food coloring. I asked him to drop a bit on to the water. Using a pipette, Fritz mixed these 3 colors into green, orange and purple to the ice cube tray. After that, we put the tray into the freezer. Few hours after, he played with these cubes during his bath time. He's extremely excited though all the cube mixed together into a dirty color, like a mud. :P


Oma had celebrated her 54th year birthday. Fritz was the only one who was very excited with it. He asked Oma to celebrate it hurry as he really wanted to blow the cake with Oma. He really couldn't wait for his birthday. 

There's nothing special this year, I just made a roll cake for Oma and covered with fondant with a name on it. Some friends said that it's a bolster cake. :P LOL

Happy 54th Birthday, Oma...have a blast! Pray all the best healthiest, wealthiest and happiness for you....God bless!

This week we enjoyed our Rp1,- bread again. This time we went with Oma and it's the last week for having this fun. Fritz was eating a bread while I and Oma grabbed 2 breads each. The picture was taken when Fritz was seeing outside with KFC view. 

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