Sunday, May 05, 2013

K4 : Week 5

Fritz is currently 4 years 1 month

Not much we did during this week. We're still continuing the Earth Week theme as we're not finished it last week. 

Earth Week
We're still continuing our Earth Week theme this week.

Circle the first letter of vocabularies

Match the names and the pictures

Do the maze

What plants need for life.

Trace the letters

Finally, Papa bought this mic for us. It's quite cheap, only 50,000 rupiahs for this set. Fritz was totally excited with it. The next day, we tried to use it for our class in We needed this for recording the book he read. 

Listening the book through his new headset

Fine Motor

He learnt how to cut the pentagon. He really didn't need any help when doing it. Good job, boy!


Finally we had plants in Opa's house {it's very impossible to put any plants in our small apartment}. Fritz was watering the sweet Caisim's seeds on the pot. The next two plants were given by my students' parents. Actually there's another pot and I planted the red onion and a turmeric on it. I'll post later for the progress. :)


Our second swimming. Actually we're not really swimming. For Fritz it's a big hit to go inside the pool. This time, he could walk to the other sides of the pool by holding on the sides of pool and his float. He really looked very confident. Now, he loves going to pool! :D


Yeaaaah....we're watching Iron Man 3. More story here...

One of my friend's daughter, Donna, had a big opportunity being a MC for an occasion in @America, Pacific Place. I asked Fritz to see her. There's a story retelling competition held. Fritz was stunned as they showed attractive performances. Every single kids performed with their parents in the stage with some attribute they made before from home. Look so interesting that parents were involved in this part, how cooperative they were for the kids. Great!

It's one of my job to make Fritz is able to do the story retelling with English. Maybe not in a competition {I wish for}, just in front of us. I hope, one day. ;)

We're just staying for only half an hour before we decided to walk around the mall. We found a big boat there for the decoration and some of the kids were so excited playing inside it. It's only a replica of a boat. I asked Fritz to take a picture on it. :D

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