Sunday, May 26, 2013

K4 : Week 8

Fritz is currently 4 years 1 month


I've got this worksheet from 3 Dinosaurs. When I saw it to Fritz, he excitedly said that he wanted to do it at that time. He always loves this kind of worksheet, maze. He easily did it as he's learned about it before. Good job, Boy!! :)

I've download this book from Yup, we should be a member first before we succeeded to download it. LOL. Every month we had 2 free books to be downloaded. So it's good for me. :D

Fritz is able to do some worksheets from here related to 3 letters he learnt. So far, I really thanked to Reading Eggs for making Fritz is able to read. LOL

Reading Eggs

In Reading Eggs, there is a map for every level. There's 12 level and each level has 10 lessons to be completed. Every time he finishes with a level, he has to pass a simple quiz contains 15 numbers that he had learnt before. This was his very first level. He's quite good for a self learner like him. Congrats, boy!

He decided to go with Raz that day. He wanted to record his voice he said. There were two books he recorded but we couldn't send as it's being rerecord few times. I didn't know too how to send it to Tante Ophie. :P

Fritz still needed guidance in reading, however, so far he's quite good enough. Slowly but sure, he's able to read now. Great job, boy!

My little silly boy with earphones. LOL


We continued our Math, Creepy Crawlers, this week. I didn't take any pictures for these worksheets. He did lots in counting the objects then pasted the number. He also made some pictures as it's mentioned. He didn't do good in drawing. LOL


We did origami again and this time we made something related with fish and their friend, whale. It's not very difficult, it's really so easy. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to its website anymore. Sad! The web really gave lots of simple origami for young children with easy steps to be followed. :(


This week we had a swimming time again but we had it in the afternoon. Fritz has already enjoyed himself in the pool. He could stay still inside alone without me aside. However, I really need to encourage him more on swimming, like a real swim not only playing with water. He's a bit taken a long time to adjust with new things and swimming is one of them. So I need time to make him learning how to swim. Pray for me, fellas! :)

This morning I decided to ask Fritz biking together. It's not only Fritz with his bike, I also rode my bike. It's really nice cycling the bike again. I couldn't remember how many years I didn't ride the bike, it's really quite long time I guess.

We're going to find the idle way where the traffic wasn't so crowded. People were busy delivering their kids to school and mostly they were in hurry, whether with their cars or bikes like us. Ugh! It's really not comfy biking in the rush hour like that.

So, we're not taking too much time, we decided to get back home. It's mostly 7 o'clock. We're going only for half an hour. LOL. Let's we do again next time, boy!


Fritz had a trip to Kebun Raya Bogor. Here's the story...

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