Sunday, May 12, 2013

K4 : Week 6

Fritz is currently 4 years 1 month

Earth Week

This was the third week we're doing the Earth Week theme and it's final. LOL

Pasting the plants

Doing simple addition with pegs

Counting the simple subtraction

Pasting number puzzle, 10 - 100
We continued our Bible lesson. This week, we started with Adam and Eve. He learnt about the first man in the earth. 
Searching the names, he still needed help doing it

Color the apple tree that Eve ate it

Writing the scramble letters

Actually, we had to make this into a lapbook, but we still didn't make it. :P


This time, he preferred to make transportation origami. He chose the Shinkansen, rocket and a car. Shinkansen is a high-speed train in Japan and is the easiest among 3 of them. He still needed help doing it. When we're doing it, Papa went home and saw us making it. As usual, he always draws the face in ever single of his creations. LOL

We've got a month free trial from I've got the info from one of my best friend in Homeschool's group, Kak Ophie. She told us about the info and of course I was so interested with something free. :P

Practical Life

This week, he had to cut the zigzag lines. It's quite difficult for him as he's asking for help to hold the paper for him. Though it's kinda hard for him, he made it successfully. Great! Then, he asked one more paper again to be cut. He chose to cut a bed with a girl sleeping on it and a blanket to be put on the girl. He pretended to cover the blanket for the sleeping girl. :D

Learning Toys

That night in our apartment, Fritz didn't do much. He's trying to keep himself busy. Then he asked me to get the blocks that he couldn't reach it. I just let him playing all by himself and taddaaa.....he played with his imagination and he showed me these. He said he's making buildings with slides to get out from that building. (y) Love his buildings' model!!


He got a balloon when we were at a mall. He asked for times to play with us. As our apartment is small space, it's not enough to play with this balloon. I remembered I've ever seen on of my friend, Metta, giving an activity with balloon to her son, Benn. She asked Benn to draw on the balloon. So, I did the same thing, I asked Fritz to draw on his balloon as the media for his imagination. Uhuuy! He was being busy for more than half an hour drawing what he wanted to draw on it. 

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