Sunday, May 19, 2013

K4 : Week 7

Fritz is currently 4 years 1 month


We continued our phonic time using Basic Phonics Skills from Evan Moor's book. 

He learned to understand the concept of Beginning, Middle and End. He's quite good with it though he still needed me to guide him. He also learned how to complete the pictures by drawing the missing parts. His drawing was so cute though it wasn't looking so nice. LOL. 

Reading Eggs

One day, I've a chat with my friend, Tante Metta. I asked her how to teach her boy, Benn, to read as he can read since he's 3,5 years. She said she used an online learning tools, Reading Eggs to teach him. Then she suggested me to use it too for Fritz. There's a 2 weeks trial from it and she added a redeem coupon for 35 days trial. That's really sound great, huh?! I showed it to Fritz and he put lots of interest on it. Yeah...great!


We continued our Math using Skill Sharpeners Math from Evan Moor

We did the Creepy Crawler's section this time. He had to count the bugs, circle the big or small bugs, continue the pattern, dot the number into a lady bug, make graph of the bugs in the picture, do the addition and subtraction. Great job!

Practical Life

Fritz said he wanted to help Papa changing our bed linen. He usually just played; whether he jumped on the bed or he became a busy body person while we're putting on the bed linen. This time he's really trying to help Papa. He uncovered the bolsters and pillows' bed linen then he put it on again with the clean one. Here's the picture when he's trying to do it. Good job, boy!

It's time for him to use the chopstick. I gave him poms and chopstick and he's enjoying so much. He played with it again and again for few days ahead. He pretended cooking something and placing the tray into the oven. Of course it's just in his imaginary oven. LOL

It's time for him to learn how to put off his shirt by himself. After years I asked him to do so and he always showed some refusal, he wanted to do it in the picture. Finally! Congrats, boy, you can do it!! 


Yeah, he's enjoying so much his swimming time now. This time, he met a baby girl in the pool who loved to play water so much. Fritz was looking at her in this picture as he's a baby lover. He always puts some interest with babies and tries to pamper them as his baby. How nice he is! :)

This morning I decided to ask Fritz biking around the complex. He got a morning shine from Mr Sun. :) It's just taken not more than a half hour as I had to prepare some things for Opa. So we had to go home soon.

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