Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Program Christmas Edition : Week 2

Day 2
The kids did the worksheets related with Christmas from us

These kids were making the cupcakes

Big kids were making the cupcakes too

Here's the result

Day 3 
Making Christmas cards

Continued by preparing the ingredients for cooking Spaghetti. They cut the sausages and spreading the cheese all by themselves. 

Cooking the sauce with less help

Waiting till the sauce ready

Praying before eating. Silly style praying! LOL's time for eating the spaghetti!!

Listening the story

Big kids were making their own Christmas cards

Time for big kids preparing the ingredients. How enthusiast they were

Putting the raw spaghetti in the pan one by one

Stirring the spaghetti till it's done

Making the sauce

Time to eat. They were so hungry I think! LOL

Day 4
Doing the puzzle. Complete kids

Finger print art

Making sushi

The yummy sushi in their tummy

Andini and her sushi

Kinara and her sushi

Making Santa Claus craft

Day 5
Kids were making the Santa Claus. Nice!

These girls were coloring the ornaments

Science experiment mixing the food coloring

Another science experiment, milk and food coloring with dish soap

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