Sunday, December 08, 2013

K4 : Week 36

Fritz is currently 4 years 8 months


We started new theme this week, Nativity. I've got the materials from some sources. Fritz began by doing Math. There's few activities he had to do. He had to trace the numbers from 1 to 20, make paths and skip counting. So far he could do by himself except the skip 2 counting, he found a bit difficulty in making it. 


We've got the caterpillar in Popo's house. Then we found a difficulty. It's hard for us finding its food. As I've got it from the lime plants, I had to find the lime leaves for it. Mostly, they put their plants inside their home in case their limes were being stolen by others. 

Then I found a nursery in our neighborhood. I asked permition to get few leaves from him, person who taking care the nursery. He also gave us 4 caterpillars again from his lime plants.

So now we had 5 caterpillars at home! ^_^ 


He tried so hard to blow a balloon. He asked us including his uncle to blow the balloon for him. I always refused it as it's a bit hard for me too. After few times he tried, he could blow the balloon by himself though it's just a small balloon. He really put his big effort to blow his balloon. Good job, boy!!


Papa has no longer joined with us anymore every Saturday starting this week. He has a new job that ask him to come until Saturday afternoon. So, I asked Fritz to join with me in my last day private tutor class. He waited me teaching my cousins that he has to call Aunt Eta - she's just in 6th grade. :P

After I've done with my class, forwardly we went to Mall Alam Sutera. It's time for dating with Mama. It's just two of us. We had lunch together at Lotteria. How hungry he was! LOL

Coincidentally we met Nicole with her mom and dad including baby Estelle and nanny when we were going to enter the elevator to second floor. Hohoho.....what a surprisingly! ^_^ 

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