Sunday, December 22, 2013

K4 : Week 38

Fritz is currently 4 years 8 months

I had my holiday starting this week...Yeaaah....

Holiday Program

We started our Holiday Programe today, on Friday. The class was really only for fun. We made Banana Choco Muffin with the Primary class. Though it's just 3 girls, we really had some fun making the muffin. After they made it, they had to write the ingredients all by themselves. During the baking, Ms Yuli taught her about the floating egg. If you added much salt into the water, the egg would be floating. The fact their experiment was failed. LOL 

Bahasa Indonesia

Here's our book to learn Bahasa Indonesia. It's an old school book and it's hard to find those again. For me, it's working to teach Fritz reading. It's easy to read with spaces in every syllables. Nice one! 


...and our butterfly was ready to fly today!! It's really nice to see the metamorphosis of butterfly. We still had 4 more caterpillar which ready to be a pupa after this. Just wait and see! 

Practical Life

When I was tidying up the clothes that have been ironed by our maid to the commode, Fritz said that he wanted to help me. He's not just helped me, he folded again his shirt by himself. Yes, it's his own learning how to fold his shirt. Good job, boy! 

Learning Toys

Papa bought this new Lego Ferari car from Shell. Of course, Fritz was so happy having it. He tried to make it by yourself with less help from me. Thanks Papa for this present! ^_^


I've got a very simple recipe for making pizza. Badly, Fritz didn't like it as I did. Actually, he never liked my homemade pizza as it's not as he usually eats from the restaurant. *sad*

That afternoon we heard there's a loud noise from outside of Opa's house. We looked out and we found a big vehicle was paving the road. Fritz was so excited to look at it. So we went out and he watched step by step how to make the road. Wow! It's really exciting!! 

In his almost 5 years old, he's capable to draw something nice. That afternoon after the holiday program class, I found that he made this drawing. Before, he was seeing one of my favorite student, Maverick, drew in my class playing with Fritz. He drew some things and he asked Fritz to guess what he had drawn. I think he memorized it well in his brain the pictures that Mave's drawing for him. So today, I saw him drawing sun, house, clouds and street. It's a nice progress of him! ^_^

This week we didn't meet Nicole. I think he missed her so much. He drew everything about Nicole in every media he used. OMG! 

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