Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kindergarten's {2nd year} Curriculum

Our second year in Kindergarten will be not really easy for us, especially for me. Honestly, I have some jobs to do recently and need my focus in each. Hopefully, I can manage my time for Fritz's home education. 

Scope for his 2nd year of Kindergarten:

Bahasa Indonesia
1. Dictation: 
-> 2 syllables words {e.g: bu-ku, man-di, ma-kan, kis-mis, etc}
-> 3 syllables words {e.g: se-pa-tu, lu-ki-san, etc}
-> -ng and -ny words {e.g: mena-ng, me-nyanyi, etc}
-> suffix and prefix {e.g: ber-, me-, ke-, -kan, -i, etc}
-> short sentences

2. Read story book in Bahasa Indonesia and understand the story.

1. Dictation:
-> CVC
-> Sight words
-> Phonic: fl-, cl-, etc
-> simple sentences

2. Vocabularies:
-> number words {one, two, three, etc}
-> days, months {Sunday, Monday, January, February, etc}

3. Read story books, retell the stories and identify the characters of the story.

4. Online learning: Reading Eggs.

5. Books :
-> Explode the books
-> Evan Moor
-> Phonic Book
-> English for K1 and K2 bundle from Alpha

-> more or less
-> addition and subtraction more than 10
-> tens and thousands
-> money
-> fraction
-> time

-> Evan Moor
-> Math for K1 and K2 bundle from Alpha

-> simple experiment
-> Geography {Evan Moor}
-> Biology

Art and Craft 
-> Origami
-> Hand and Finger Paint

-> simple material and easy to make - make the lists

-> Books about Saints

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