Sunday, April 06, 2014

K5 : Week 1

Fritz is currently 5 years 

The euphoria of his birthday was still on..

This weekend we treated Popo and Uncle Wendy to Bakmi Baji Pamai at Mall Kelapa Gading. I'd just ordered 4 big bowls of noodles for us as I thought I was going to share mine to Fritz. When our orders arrived, this big boy grabbed my bowl straightly and ate it by himself leaving me without any food in front of me. I had to order again for me and it really took so long. Everybody had finished their meals and my noodles had just arrived. *rolling eyes* 

Look at the bowl he left it for me! 

We had a walk in the mall after the dinner. Then we stopped by the toy shop for looking around. It's very surprisingly that Fritz got a birthday present from Popo. She bought him a Cars set toy. Of course he was so happy!!

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