Sunday, April 20, 2014

K5 : Week 3

Fritz is currently 5 years

Our Easter learning in this week. Only had 3 pictures captured. We had fun with some worksheets related to Easter. 

Every year we went to Atma Jaya, our campus, to see the drama of the Passion of Christ before Good Friday Mass. I was quite amazed with their performance this year. Fritz was totally excited to watch it in the first row. 

The 14 stage of Christ's Passion: 

First scene

1. Jesus condemned to death

2. Jesus was given his cross.

3. Jesus met his mother

4. Jesus fell for the first time

5. Simon of Cyrene carried the cross

6. Veronica wiped the face of Jesus

7. Jesus fell the second time

8. Jesus met the daughters of Jerusalem

9. Jesus fell the third time

10. Jesus was stripped of His garments

11. Crucifixion: Jesus was nailed to the cross 

12. Jesus died on the cross

His mother came to see Him nailed on the cross

The guard believed that He's the King

13. Jesus's body was removed from the cross

14. Jesus was laid in the tomb and covered in incense

I found a caterpillar in cauliflower's leaves when prepared my dishes few days ago. Then it's going to change into a pupa soon. However it failed to be a pupa after I saved it from ants. It died. :(

His enthusiasm in car is very big. This Monday, we accompanied Papa to a service station to change his car's oil. This was his first time seeing how the car was being changed its oil that he usually saw in his fave movie, Cars. He said that Papa's car peed like Mater did. Look how seriously his face looking the man changed the oil. 

He always does some silly things at home. One of other his silly things was putting my helmet into his head. LOL

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