Sunday, April 13, 2014

K5 : Week 2

Fritz is currently 5 years

Art and Craft
Related to Palm Week in this week, we made a palm leaf craft from origami paper. He's quite happy making it as we didn't have any craft things for such long time. I also told him the story why we made it. He listened very carefully.

The next day, we had a meeting with my team from Kombat at Kopi Tiam, Sabang. 

This is our dinner. Left side was just for me and Papa and the other side was only for Fritz. Noodles...his fave one.
After we'd done, one of our friends treated us at Satay Jaya Agung, Sabang. He said that he's not going to eat anything just ordered a glass of orange juice for complete his day. Ok! So we ordered for just me and Papa. In the end, he grabbed our lontong {rice steamed with banana leaves} until the plate was cleaned enough, nothing left!

Learning Toys
He got super heroes toys when he accompanied me going to the traditional market. Actually he insisted me to buy these toys for him. -__-" 

I paid for 50K rupiah for these 4 made in Taiwan superheroes. Very cheap! ^_^

Palm Week
We had our Palm Week at St. Bonaventura church, Pulomas together with Popo and Uncle Wendy. I always feel so touchy when everybody sang, "Jerusalem...Jerusalem..lihatlah Rajamu."

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