Sunday, April 27, 2014

K5 : Week 4

Fritz is currently 5 years 1 month
On Monday, Fritz and I were having a bit fun together. I asked Fritz to read and write some words that we passed the paper through the hole under the door. Fritz locked the door from inside while I stayed outside. Papa was sleeping inside our bedroom.

Papa's car got a flat tire when he parked his car in our apartment's parking lot. So we accompanied him to the nearby gas statition to fix the tire. Fritz was so excited seeing the man fixing and installing the car tire. It's just like he'd seen on Cars movie. LOL

While Papa and Fritz were starving...boys!

This Saturday, Papa attended his high school reunion. As Papa was going to boy environment school, Canisius College (CC), we {the wivey} preferred to go to the mall with the kids. We went to Grand Indonesia. These two buddies were having their time together. 

They played at Fun World and it's gonna be Fritz's first experience playing the up and down ride {don't know the name}. He was so brave. Then we spent almost an hour playing at Fun World.

They supposed to cycle but in fact Fritz wasn't strong enough and Lona couldn't reach the pedal. LOL

Having ice cream together

Mama was celebrating her birthday. Here the story...

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