Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alphabet Art : Bee

Together with Nicole, we continued our Alphabet Art. We made Bee. Look at Fritz's shirt, just like a bee. :P

When we did this, there's so much silly things happened. First, when I asked who's gonna be the first one, then I asked both of them to do the scissor-rock-paper. Nicole was so tricky. She waited Fritz throwing his hand and saw what Fritz throwing then she just threw her hand to beat Fritz. So, she would be win. Tricky girl. :P

Next, after we've almost done with Fritz and Nicole had done before Fritz, I didn't ask her to wash her hand and I asked her to wait for Fritz. When she's waiting, she did the other silly thing. She put her hands into Fritz's shirt. Of course, she did it purposely and Fritz didn't like it so much. He asked Nicole to stop but she wouldn't stop. In the end, Fritz went home with crying a lot hating Nicole and promising didn't want to come back again to play with Nicole. LOL

Children so silly!! ^O^

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