Sunday, October 06, 2013

K4 : Week 27

Fritz is currently 4 years 6 months

Reading Eggs

He did his Reading Eggs shirtless just like his dad. He was doing his level 6 and still struggle in that level. OMG!


This week, we had another simple Science experiment again. It's really easy to do.

- food coloring
- water
- oil
- tray
- 3 bowls for 3 colors
- pipette
- baking soda
- vinegar
- spoon

How to play: 
1. Put the oil in the tray. I used the used oil that had been used for times.
2. Add food coloring to the bowls. Every bowl has one single color, it's up to the kids the colors.
3. Then, give the pipette to the kids and let them explore as many as they want.
4. Pour some baking soda into the tray and add a bit of vinegar, they're gonna be so happy to see it. 

Fritz could stay for more than half an hour playing by himself while I was making our dishes. ^_^


He chose to make a glass and a straw. What a nice one!


Again...he posed for my clothes! It's time for my skinny Superboy to fly....LOL

I had an invitation for a wedding party. This time was coming from my friend named Gaby. Her brother was getting married and she invited us to come and join. It's an outdoor party and the siomay was really yummy. LOL

...and here's Gaby

Yulis was invited too then we posed together. Look at Fritz's style, he looked so oldies...LOL

our little family with my little bodyguard

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