Sunday, October 20, 2013

K4 : Week 29

Fritz is currently 4 years 6 months


This week, it's time to learn about the Respiratory System. 

I found the lungs by goggling. I asked Fritz to color the lungs and applied it on our open skeleton. Before, I asked him to watch how we breath in It's a nice resource for kids to learn all about the body. 

I supposed to make a simple experiment about Lungs using balloon but I couldn't find the balloon. Fritz forgot where he put it anyway. So, no experiment for this part. :(



He found that measuring using the tool was so fun. So he measured every things in the house. He measured the fridge, box, sofa, table and even the wall. From this, he learned about tens. Nice work, boy! ^_^

Bahasa Indonesia

I borrowed the Bahasa Indonesia book from my tutorial class. He got so enthusiast in learning it. Slowly but sure, boy! ^_^

This week, he followed me again to my tutorial classes. This time he learned to read 2 syllables sentences in Bahasa Indonesia. Glad to see him able to read the simple one! ^_^

This time we're making Butterfly Foot Print with Nicole. Firstly, they were so happy making it together then in few minutes both were having a quarrel and ending with Fritz's crying. I don't have the picture of the art this time as I had to separate both of them. LOL


My Silly Boy's action this time..."I'm in jail, Mama" and he was under the laundry basket. OMG!! O_O

It's Sunday and it's time for me to cooking off. Just for Sunday only! Papa made our lunch and this time he made us Toge Goreng (fried beansprout) - contains noodles, fried tofu, beansprout with fermented soybean (oncom and tauco). Yummy!!

Recently, Fritz loved to eat late in the night before he got to sleep. That night, he asked me to make him a plate of fried rice instead of having his milk. He could grab lots of fried rice I made. Wow! Then he could sleep tight till morning. LOL

My family picture

We're having fun this Eid al-Dha holiday. For more story here....

We've got an invitation from Om Vidor and Tante Thiya for their sister's wedding. It's just few of Papa's friends were invited and here we were; Om Don and Tante Davi, Om Juls and Tante Bea and there's not in this photo were Om Anto and Tante Jeanne. Few minutes after we're taking this photo, we're running under the rain. We went Om Don's car to reach our car. Hihihihihi....

Happy Wedding, Om Dwi and Tante Mitzie! Happily ever after!!

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