Sunday, October 27, 2013

K4 : Week 30

Fritz is currently 4 years 7 months


We continued our learning. This time, we learnt about Circulatory System. First, we watched a movie from to know more how heart works. It's also a learning too for me as my biology was never getting a good score in my era. :P

Now we know that the size of heart is just a clench of our fist. It's small but it works so hard in every single seconds. It's never stop working even when we're sleeping. 

After that, we pasted the part of heart. I know he didn't know all the name so well, at least he knew that heart was divided into 4 parts.

In the end, we pasted the vein and artery in our part of body. We used a blue and red wool as a symbol of those. Nice work, boy! ^_^


I just captured the tiger only and forgot to get the shop's picture. Though I still needed to help him, overall, he did well folding the paper.


Fritz was invited to attend a birthday party for Celine. She celebrated her 4th birthday that celebrated at Bakmi GM, Citra 5. Her mom invited all the member of her classmate, so for sure, Fritz didn't anyone there. Luckily, he didn't put any matter with that. He still could join the party and he enjoyed it so much. We couldn't stay until the party was over as we had to attend a wedding party of my friends. 

We attended Om Gusti and Tante Vivi's wedding. Here the story...

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