Sunday, October 13, 2013

K4 : Week 28

Fritz is currently 4 years 6 months


Recently, Fritz always has lots of questions related with part of his body. He asked me what's inside his legs, his chest and many more. And I think it's the best time for me finding more about human body then we can learn together.

After searching for few days and collecting all the resources {then I became so dizzy with lots of materials I've downloaded and forgot which site I've seen before :P}, I think I'm ready to start our first lesson about Human Body.

The first one, we started with the Skeletal System. Fritz of course was so excited to start it. He even offered himself to cut all the skeleton but sorry boy, I think just let me did it for you. It's needed to be cut neatly, honey. 

I bought a duplex paper and some materials we needed before. So the first step was tracing his body on a piece of duplex paper. As he's bigger than the paper so I needed to trace him dioganally. 

Then, I started to cut the skeleton one by one and arranged it on his tracing body. Most of all I made it by myself with less help from Fritz. He just put the skeletons part after I finished with all of those. Badly, his body wasn't as the same high as the skeleton. He's too high. So I needed to modify it and I used The skeleton high and trace it's shaped.

The skeleton itself could be opened. We want to put all the parts of our body inside there. Just wait for the next days, we still have lots of exciting things to be learned. 

Resource for the skeleton from

Second Day, we learned about Brain. 

The brain is the most important part of our body. It is the busiest thing we have as it can't stop working even during in our sleep. How big is our brain? It's a very small part and just as big as a soft ball. FYI, whales and elephants have bigger brains than human but human brains are the largest weight all over the body. 

The activity we did were coloring the brains, making the brain puzzle and of course the last one he had to paste the brain into the right place. He knows exactly now why he must wear helmet when riding a bike. It's to protect our brain safety if we should take a fall.


Reading Eggs

Finally he passed his Level 6 too after few months stuck because he refused to do it daily. Actually, he's getting good in reading but he said he got bored with this activity. Let's just do it slowly...but sure! ^_^

And after he did his test in Level 6, he continued forwardly to Level 7. Not too bad! 

Bahasa Indonesia

He followed me to my tutorial class in Thursday as he refused to take a nap and cried a lot. He loved it so much my offerings. LOL. He did nothing actually in my class except looking my students do paper. Then, I've got an idea to teach him reading in Bahasa Indonesia. I gave him a book for reading. Wow! He could read 2 syllables word though he needed me to help him to read. He couldn't stop reading and asked more pages. Love to see him!


My busy body boy always has high curiosity in everything I do. This time, he always wanted to try my new thing, Nano Spray. Every time I used it, he insisted to use it too. So, he got his turn this time using my Nano Spray and did like I did. LOL

We had an opportunity to see all about the army tools. More story here....

Yeaah....we're going on a tank!! 

It's Monas!!

One of my friend from high school opened his own Satay and BBQ kiosk in Modern Land, Tangerang. We came there to try his recipes and it's so yummy. As Fritz was having diarrhea, he couldn't try it. He just waited patiently for us eating the satay. Thanks for the invitation, Mr Dad! ^_^ 

My ex boss in got married! He invited us to come to his wedding mass in Sunter. We're so happy to see him standing in front of that altar. Congratulation, Mr. Demos and Erlisa for your wedding day! Happily ever after!! ^_^

As we're not being invited to his personal party, we had our own party. We went to SSIKKEK restaurant near MOI. We used our Living Social voucher for it. Yeay!! 

I was so glad that Fritz could eat the meat and he said it's so yummy. Wohoooo....^_^

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