Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cooking : Watermelon Jelly

I forgot where I've got this idea, whether in Pinterest or one of blog I've ever seen while blog walking. It's kinda very simple idea, just taken out the real watermelon then filled again with jelly - I used red jelly powder from NutriJell.

First, taken out the real watermelon from it's shell. Take a part of it - as you want to - then blend it with water using a blender. I use 700 ml water as the package mentioned.

Next, pour the watermelon juice into a pot and add the jelly powder into it. Cook till it boiling. 

The last, fill the jelly water into the empty shell of watermelon. Wait till it's a lil bit solid then put it into the fridge. Done! :D

It's just really looked like a real watermelon. :P

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