Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PE : Swimming

Yeaaaah....finally, he's back again to the pool. This time I made it very slow. 

A day before, I asked him to have swimming and, surprisingly, he said yes with my offer. So, the next day, I made it coming true. I asked him to go to the nearest pool. It's around 9 o'clock before we jumped into the pool. Not really jump actually, LOL

Then, I suited him with his pants and shirtless. I asked him to get in the water. He's really taking an hour to adjust with the pool. Firstly, he just wanted to stand in the first stage, sitting for a while and saying, "My pants  is wet, Mama." Then, few minutes after that, he's busy in stage two. And few minutes after that he's going to the stage 3 and 4 and finally he's in the pool. It's only 40-50 cm heights and it's still under his belly height. OMG, boy!! LOL

We finished our playing water time 1 hour after. He said he didn't want to go out from it. Hahahaha.....It's gonna be a routine for him. Yeaaahh!!!

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