Sunday, April 14, 2013

K4 : Week 2

4 years

This week, we had lots of fun. Really lots of fun! :D

The first idea was coming up when I saw one of my friend's friend in FB. She shared her activity with his boy playing with bubbles, it's just really like a snake bubble. I think it's a good idea for Fritz to play with it too. She gave the link where she got the idea, from The Muddy Princess blog. Thanks for sharing this idea, Mba Sheila Banun. :)

Fritz couldn't wait to play with it. While we're playing, our neighbors - Florence and her brother, Vino - wanted to join with us. I made the media for these siblings. I asked them to come and joined with Fritz. Three of them were quite busy with bubbles for more than 1 hour. I had to add twice for the bubbles. It's really so fun!! 


I forgot where I've got this idea, whether in Pinterest or one of blog I've ever seen while blog walking. It's kinda very simple idea, just taken out the real watermelon then filled again with jelly - I used red jelly powder from NutriJell.

First, taken out the real watermelon from it's shell. Take a part of it - as you want to - then blend it with water using a blender. I use 700 ml water as the package mentioned.

Next, pour the watermelon juice into a pot and add the jelly powder into it. Cook till it boiling. 

The last, fill the jelly water into the empty shell of watermelon. Wait till it's a lil bit solid then put it into the fridge. Done! :D

It's just really looked like a real watermelon. :P

Practical Life

We've got a new maid in Opa's house. She's so kind with Fritz. One day, she gave 2 oranges for him. Then, I told Fritz that we needed to squeeze those first before he could drink it. He's trying hard to squeeze it but, yeah you know, he said he's not strong enough to do it. So, I had to help him to do it as usual. The picture was taken after I did it to him. LOL. :P

Fritz is a not-too brave boy especially when it's related with physics activity. In his 4 years old, he's still not too brave jumping from high. He always asked me to hold his hand then he felt secure to jump. 

Suddenly that afternoon, he bravely jumped to Papa's bed from the table near it. It's really a BIG hit for him. He did it again and again and again....and he felt like a Batman just like his T-shirt. :P did it! 


Oh my..he's my little me! My mini shape! His stubborn and his chatty are absolutely ME.....:P


Since our neighbors coming few days ago for playing bubbles, these two kiddos came back again to play with Fritz in our house. All of them were busy playing with what they liked. I thought it's a good idea to put them in one game of Uno Stacko. All of them were concentrate not to make it fell apart. If so, one of them would be powdered with baby powder. They're quite had some fun playing it. As Fritz knows the rules, so only him not having powdered on his face. :P

Actually it's my new hobby, I made some arts from compost. Fritz wasn't very into in it. So when there's an exhibition in JCC about compost art presenting by Tante Ines, Fritz was busy with Benn. Here's the story about compost art.

This weekend, we didn't go anywhere as Fritz had a schedule to watch Cars in Disney Channels. He had remembered the day and date when it's showed. He is really a BIG fans of Cars movie. 

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