Sunday, April 21, 2013

K4 : Week 3

4 years much fun this week! 

He said he wanted to play with this fraction toy because he wanted to eat pizza. He doesn't realize that he's learned about fractions. :D 

I found an activity book with Mickey cover in front it. I gave to Fritz and he said he wanted to do. Okay...we started the 2nd page and he needed to write the number in sequence from 1 to 20. I just realized that he's not good enough in writing those numbers. I took time to fix it. He's not really good in writing number 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9. We practiced...practiced...and practiced till he's better. Don't ask if I've got temper on it or not!. LOL :P

We;re continuing the first chapter, Things We Wear. It's easy for him but the worksheets were so attractive. He loved it so much!


This week, we started new Bible lesson. We started from Creation. Yes, we ever had this theme before, but I have to start again from the beginning.

Stick the days of Creation in sequence

Tracing the days of Creation

Put the pictures of Creation in sequence

Cut the paper before he pasted it

Paste the pictures in order

Then, write his name on it

Paste the pictures in order from day 1 to day 7

Match the pictures

Circle the letters of his name

Fill in the box all about his favorite


He's always eager to help me while I'm cooking. This time, I wanted to make vegetable Risoles for his snacks this afternoon. It's easy to make.

Mix water, flour and eggs together then make a thin layer on pan till the dough finish. Then, fill with vegetables {I used carrots and green beans} I've already cooked it before with a minced chicken. Roll and dip it inside a beaten egg and pour it with bread crumbs. Freeze for few minutes then fry it. Yummy!!

I've got the recipe from one of my idol, Tante Metta. She's really the best homemade cook!! I followed the steps from her blog, Mari Singgah....Please try everyone!! :9

Practical Life
Fritz had a present from Aunty Ika, it's a balloon chair. When he saw it after we arrived at Opa's house, he really couldn't wait to see it. He tried his best to pump this balloon with his full power. Too bad, we made a little mistake, we forgot to put the balloon inside the cover. LOL

Physical Education

Every Saturday, Fritz always goes to a playground inside ACE Hardware, Living World with Papa to spend time while I have a private class. I've just picked them up after I'm done with my class then we're having lunch together in another place. I've never seen him playing for, I think, it's more than a year. 

This Saturday was a bit different because we wanted to visit Pothai {Fritz's great grandma}that afternoon. After I'm done with my class, I went to the mall and saw Fritz was happy playing there. Here's what I found! He bravely climbed up the fake mountain. Wow! Proud of you now, boy!!


This weekend, we {again} were not going anywhere but staying at home. We're having family watching time this week and the movies were Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. The boys were watching The Avengers on my laptop. Fritz was really so excited watching it. I really can't wait to watch Iron Man 3 next week!! :D

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