Sunday, April 28, 2013

K4 : Week 4 (Earth Week)

4 years

Regarding to the Earth Week, we did some various activity about it. 

Earth Week Theme
Naming the part of tree

Doing the addition

Coloring the can number 4

Filling the empty box with ordinal numbers

Coloring the Earth by numbers

Doing the maze

Writing the part of tree

Cutting the materials to be pasted

Ordering the life cycle of Plant

Tracing the lines

Finding the same pictures

Doing the pictures' sequences

Doing the maze to get the water under the tree

Coloring the Earth again by the orders


Fritz was using his sticks again to do the addition. I left him to do it by himself but then in few minutes he found a difficulty. He forgot how to do it. :P So I've to accompany him a while to give him the instruction. He's great after that, he finished the worksheet by himself. (Y)


Related to our theme this week, Earth week theme, I found this idea from Pinterest. We're making an Earth pancake by using green and blue food coloring to be the same as Earth. It's actually fun activity for us, but our room is really small to move on. :P 

This time our Origami time contained of fruits. He said he wanted to make fruits. He chose to make banana, grapes and watermelon. He insisted to put face on those, only watermelon was safe from face. :P


Yeaaaah....finally, he's back again to the pool. This time I made it very slow. 

A day before, I asked him to have swimming and, surprisingly, he said yes with my offer. So, the next day, I made it coming true. I asked him to go to the nearest pool. It's around 9 o'clock before we jumped into the pool. Not really jump actually, LOL

Then, I suited him with his pants and shirtless. I asked him to get in the water. He's really taking an hour to adjust with the pool. Firstly, he just wanted to stand in the first stage, sitting for a while and saying, "My pants  is wet, Mama." Then, few minutes after that, he's busy in stage two. And few minutes after that he's going to the stage 3 and 4 and finally he's in the pool. It's only 40-50 cm heights and it's still under his belly height. OMG, boy!! LOL

We finished our playing water time 1 hour after. He said he didn't want to go out from it. Hahahaha.....It's gonna be a routine for him. Yeaaahh!!!

Again...he made his silly act! He said he was a pirate...:P LOL


This Sunday, we're not having any meeting with somebody. So we decided to go to MKG for having fun. As usual, we preferred to use "angkot 13" our public transportation to get there. Fritz, of course, was so enthusiast riding it. Honestly, I wanted to buy a smart phone for me but I still considered it as we don't have any budget on it. :( So, we spent the time to go to Timezone as Fritz wish. It's him when he's playing car there. 

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