Sunday, April 07, 2013

K4 : Week 1

4 years

Welcome to our first week in Kindergarten. It's kinda be different than usual. We don't have any weekly themes so no schedule at all. However, surely it's very hectic as Oma wasn't at home, she's working now. So , I've to divide myself between in the kitchen preparing the meals and watching Fritz study. It's still in the first week, hopefully it's getting better in few weeks ahead. :D


I've got this book from one of my friend. I tried to ask Fritz to do this. 

For the first page, it's just guessing the objects from the letters shown. He's good with it.

Then, it's getting hard for him after we're really coming to the first lesson. The book was still hard for him and I prefer to postpone it. Not suitable for him this time, maybe I'll use it for few months later. 

For Phonic, I change the book and I prefer to use this book for starting. It's from Evan Moor and quite easy for Fritz to do it. I've to begin very slow with him. 

Here's the pictures of him doing the worksheets

and here's the worksheets


It's his first time doing math using IXL, thanks God, Fritz likes it so much. He's so happy when knowing there's lots of rewards there after he's done finishing the worksheets. Hopefully he'll be like this always. ^_^

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