Monday, September 17, 2012

Cooking : Kebab aka Crepes

I had new recipe taken from book recipes, it's a crepe. As we learnt letter K, so I think it's similar like Kebab LOL! 

It's very easy to made. First, we just pour all the basic ingredients into the blender. Basic ingredient consists milk, water, flour and a bit of salt {forgot the numbers}. Then just let it mixed together. After that, keep them on the fridge for half an hour or a day. I've put for several hours there as I asked him on morning and we made it on afternoon as snack.

For the filling, I had breast chicken slices, green peas and carrot. I cooked them first with milk and flour to make it a bit sticky. Seems like cooking Mac and Cheese. I didn't have any cheese so we're just done with that. 

Fritz was very eager to make it. I helped rolling for him. He said it's yummy!! ^^

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