Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fun : Seeing Claire's Family

Fritz met his new {another} homeschooling friends. This time he met Claire and Fay. Two little girls of Mom Greysia and Dad Agus. We met them after Papa had finished delivering all employees to their homes. 

Claire {almost 4 yo} is a cheerful girl and Fritz of course loves to play with her. Fay {2 yo} was a little bit shy girl with new person so she preferred to play with Dad to play with these kids. 

Both were busy watching Disney Junior and playing around. They really were using their imagination while playing together. And Fay was sitting besides her Dad in dining room with us. Of course, Fay put her attention on them but she preferred with Dad. LOL

Love to play with these kids. When we were going home, Claire insisted Fritz couldn't go home as she still wanted to play again with Fritz. Next time we'll meet again, Claire and you can play more time with Fritz ;)

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