Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preschool : Hello Kitty

 Fritz is currently 42 months 1 week

I knew it's quite weird to know that he had this theme for this week. It's very common for girls but not for boys. He really showed his interest when I showed him this on my laptop. Then, he insisted me to print it for him and he said he wanted to study bout Hello Kitty. LOL

Source from Royal Baloo.

Hello Kitty Theme
Coloring the Kitty based on the numbers

Cutting the Hello Kitty based on the lines

K's Maze -- He loved it so much

Finding the way through maze

Which one is different in every row

Tracing the lines

The vocabulary list

This is the phonic book we use. He's quite excited using it. Like usual, he refused to trace the letter. So we had to make it into few days to finish it.

Counting the objects and writing the numbers next

Finding the matching shapes

Writing the numbers and matching it with the correct objects

Making an owl

Writing the missing numbers

Counting and writing the numbers

Tracing numbers and of course he didn't want to

Coloring the objects

 Matching with the same objects


He looked so silly wearing my helmet. He looked like an alien. LOL

His new style when I asked him to pose. Silly boy! LOL

We had fun time in International Indonesia Motor Show this week. We went there with Popo too. Story here...

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