Sunday, September 23, 2012

Preschool : Letter K

Fritz is currently 42 months

Actually, this week, we're going to make it a bit various than usual week by doing some K's activity. However, I didn't have much time to apply it. :( So we made it like previous weeks.

Letter K
Circling Letter K's objects. He did it very well and even he insisted to cross the not-K's objects. 

Another circling letter K's objects and again he insisted to cross the not-K's objects.

Coloring the K's objects : kitten and kettle in the kitchen

Making pattern of kite

Puzzle construction of Kite

Knowing more about letter K's object

Learning to cut with scissors

Tracing numbers from 1-10

Tracing lower case letter k

Tracing upper case letter K

Sequencing the kites

I had new recipe taken from book recipes, it's a crepe. As we learnt letter K, so I think it's similar like Kebab LOL! 
It's very easy to made. First, we just pour all the basic ingredients into the blender. Basic ingredient consists milk, water, flour and a bit of salt {forgot the numbers}. Then just let it mixed together. After that, keep them on the fridge for half an hour or a day. I've put for several hours there as I asked him on morning and we made it on afternoon as snack.
For the filling, I had breast chicken slices, green peas and carrot. I cooked them first with milk and flour to make it a bit sticky. Seems like cooking Mac and Cheese. I didn't have any cheese so we're just done with that. 
Fritz was very eager to make it. I helped rolling for him. He said it's yummy!! ^^


As he showed his eagerness in letters, I think it's the right time to teach him more on it. I took out my Phonic Reader book 1, an introduction of objects that starting from the beginning of alphabet. 
He seemed so enjoying with this book though as usual, he refused to trace the letter. I have to make it into two days to ask him finishing the letter. 


Fritz made his Math book again this week. He's getting good in Math nowadays and very eager in making numbers. I just gave him a little guidance to do it. Overall, he made it by himself. What a self learner...Good job! 

Practical Life

Let me introduce you my dandy boy.....Fritz!!! ;p
He recently shows his eagerness in combing his hair. Before he combs it, he applies his baby hair lotion first then he tries to comb his thin hair by standing in front of the mirror. Looks so cute! My boy is growing up now!! ^^

Role Play

*clapping hands*
Presents.....Fritz.....the master of guitar....
*going up to podium*
"Are u ready, people??" "Raise your hands up!!"
And here's Fritz on the stage to perform his play. What a boy!! LOL


My silly boy using a bow tie. He got this from Oma that kept it for years after Uncle had his first communion celebration when he was 8 years. He looked so silly!! 

We've got a face painting private class with Tante Olive, one of Glitzer, after we're doing the meeting in my apartment. Here's my look as a pirate. Fritz refused to be painted. He was being a busy body person. All of the Glitzer were amazed with his skills in taking pictures. *proud* LOL

This Saturday, we're so busy visiting our friends' houses. Starting the day by going to Tante Ratna's house and meeting Sis Donna. Fritz was playing with this elder sister. Both were busy playing with the pizza and moms were busy chatting while dads were busy listening moms and watching the kids. LOL
After I've done with the private tutor, we went to Tante Isma's house to play with Sis Flicka. Both were busy playing outside. They had a good place for kids to play. So we didn't very worry about it. 
Tante Isma gave us lots of material for study. And I was very thankful for that. She's so generous!!
And the last we went to Tante Inpus's house to celebrate a month of Drago. Happy a month, baby Drago{n}!! LOL

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