Sunday, September 02, 2012

Preschool : Letter I

 Fritz is currently 41 months 1 week

We're back to normal. Fritz was having his activities again.

Letter I

Making word "Inchworm" with bottle caps.

Puzzle of Inchworm. It was a piece of cake for him

Sequencing the worm. The color wasn't good enough as the ink was over.

Tracing letter I with a little bit of fussy

Tracing Letter I again but he's quite happy as it's only 1 page LOL

Vocab words of letter I. 

Working on letter I. Making some stripes for the worm and making letter I.

Working on letter I again. This time was lowercase of i. It's very great!

Letter I and it's objects related


Actually, we didn't have schedule to make it, but he found it on my box then he insisted to do this activity. He made progress in counting. Before, he still needed guidance for counting 6-10 things. Now, he's able to count by himself. Great job boy!


I think this week was full of worksheet. I really found lots of worksheet that I've ever kept for quite some time. When I found it, then I think it's good for Fritz. Fritz was able to do it mostly. Like this activity, he had to find the next picture in this sequencing worksheet. Though he didn't show any interest, he still wanted to do it. 


I gave him a Math book and he's quite excited on it. Though it's too easy for him but he made it very good. 

I still have a concept book that I've ever prepared before then I've never used it again. So it's time to make it again. He's good on it. He made several pages and showed great excitement on it. Good job, Fritz!


Here he was with his fave activity recently, maze! I've got this activity from There are lots of this kind of activity and I've downloaded lots for Fritz.

Practical Life

I found a scissor practice from, the picture was a car's line. However, he couldn't do it very nice. He's still too junior to do it. It's too hard for a beginner like him. LOL

In the middle of I was making a cake, he insisted to help me crushing the egg. And here he was doing it. What my big boy!


Yay! Finally he had his biking time again after we're off for quite long time. Though he didn't show any good progress, at least he had eagerness in biking his bike. That's good for me. We really need taking lots of time to make him expert in biking.


This is what he usually does when he spends days in Opa's house. He likes to make lines using his vehicles. Starting from Horse Riding Toys, Cars Toys, Scooter and his lovely Red Bike. There's nothing he does after that, just lining them up in a row. @_@

Fritz was meeting a new friend again, his name is Benn. He's very cute and very good speaking English. Both of them just needed few minutes to get mingle each other. Then, they were busy running here and there while Moms were busy too with their talks. LOL. We just met with Benn for few minutes and his mom had to do something else. So we ended our meeting, but Benn still wanted to play with Fritz. What a nice Benn! :)

We had an invitation from Pa'Khung (Opa's eldest brother) that had a 1st birthday celebration at Bogor, his house, for his second grandson.  We came a little bit late as we faced few traffics on our way. We took more than 2 hours and Fritz didn't fell asleep.
We arrived almost 1 o'clock and absolutely Fritz was starving already. He amazed mostly all of my cousins by his good appetite. He really ate lots of food there and I also quite amazed with him. The most of all he ate by himself. Good!!

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