Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun : Playing with Flicka

This Saturday, we're so busy visiting our friends' houses. Starting the day by going to Tante Ratna's house and meeting Sis Donna. Fritz was playing with this elder sister. Both were busy playing with the pizza and moms were busy chatting while dads were busy listening moms and watching the kids. LOL

After I've done with the private tutor, we went to Tante Isma's house to play with Sis Flicka. Both were busy playing outside. They had a good place for kids to play. So we didn't very worry about it. 

Tante Isma gave us lots of material for study. And I was very thankful for that. She's so generous!!

And the last we went to Tante Inpus's house to celebrate a month of Drago. Happy a month, baby Drago{n}!! LOL

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