Saturday, September 08, 2012

Fun : Meeting Kevin and his mom

This Saturday, Mama had another appointment to meet a new homeschooling mother again. Her name is Mom Sylvia. She is a doctor who raising 4 children. She looks so cheerful and younger looks. She has a boy who is as the same age with Fritz. 

Fritz was totally enthusiast when I said he wanted to see new friends again. Then, when we arrived, he asked me where the new friends were. All of Mom Sylvia's kids were playing with the others friends around their neighborhood as she even didn't get any clue where they were. LOL.

Fritz was a bit boring firstly as he didn't have any friend to play. No longer from that, one by one her kids came home and Fritz could play with them. And here's Kevin, the boy with the same age with Fritz. 

Kevin was so cute, he wore his helmet and Fritz was quite amazed with his helmet. Then he took some picture of him and Kevin was a bit shy. LOL. It's the time when he slowly but sure fell asleep inside his helmet for nap. Cute!!

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