Sunday, September 09, 2012

Preschool : Ice Cream

Fritz is currently 41 months 2 weeks

Ice Cream

I combined 2 worksheet between 2 Teaching Mommies and Little Monkey
Matching the letter

Making Puzzle

Matching the shadow

Size matching. He made it with my help. 

Tracing letter I and the word Ice Cream. Yay! He didn't complain

Circling letter I on the ice cream

Counting the objects and he made it nice

His lovely activity

Sequencing the numbers and he still doesn't capable to do it.

Find the odd one out

Sequencing the picture and he's being good on it

Matching the shadow

Sorting the letter between upper and lower case

Tracing simple lines

And the most his favorite activity was cutting the lines using scissors. He did it very well!!

Related to the theme this week, I bought an instant powder for making Ice Cream. Then, I asked Fritz to make it together. Starting from take it out from the box until it mixed but he skipped the mixer time as it's my time to action. It's really easy to make {as it's instant >,<}

First pour the ice cream flour on the bowl. Then pour milk as much as the box said {300ml}. After that mixed it together for 10'. And in the end, pour the choco chips that they provided too inside the box or you can add some another choco sprinkles as the chips weren't enough. It's done then just put inside the fridge for 3-5 hours. But when I checked out after 3 hours, it's still liquid so I said to Fritz to eat it in the afternoon. 

Learning Toys

For few days in Opa's house, he was busy playing with Uno Stacko. I bought this toys more than 15 years ago when I was in Junior or Senior High School. I still kept it for my future kids later {and it works}.

Then, here we were in front my oldies Stacko. Fritz was totally excited playing with it. He knew very well how to play. He threw the dice and mention the right numbers then he had to take out the stacks as the dice said. 

For the one who made it collapsed, s/he had to be scratch with powder. Fritz was the one who had lots of powder on his face as he always made it collapsed. LOL


It's been a long time Fritz didn't have time playing with Naomi. This Monday, we came to her apartment to play together. Naomi was still remembering Fritz and she showed her smile when seeing Fritz. What a lovely smile!

Both of them were busy playing with Naomi's new kitchen set tools while Moms were busy chit chatting. LOL. What a great time!

Fritz met his new {another} homeschooling friends. This time he met Claire and Fay. Two little girls of Mom Greysia and Dad Agus. We met them after Papa had finished delivering all employees to their homes. 

Claire {almost 4 yo} is a cheerful girl and Fritz of course loves to play with her. Fay {2 yo} was a little bit shy girl with new person so she preferred to play with Dad to play with these kids. 

Both were busy watching Disney Junior and playing around. They really were using their imagination while playing together. And Fay was sitting besides her Dad in dining room with us. Of course, Fay put her attention on them but she preferred with Dad. LOL

Love to play with these kids. When we were going home, Claire insisted Fritz couldn't go home as she still wanted to play again with Fritz. Next time we'll meet again, Claire and you can play more time with Fritz ;)

This Saturday, Mama had another appointment to meet a new homeschooling mother again. Her name is Mom Sylvia. She is a doctor who raising 4 children. She looks so cheerful and younger looks. She has a boy who is as the same age with Fritz. 

Fritz was totally enthusiast when I said he wanted to see new friends again. Then, when we arrived, he asked me where the new friends were. All of Mom Sylvia's kids were playing with the others friends around their neighborhood as she even didn't get any clue where they were. LOL.

Fritz was a bit boring firstly as he didn't have any friend to play. No longer from that, one by one her kids came home and Fritz could play with them. And here's Kevin, the boy with the same age with Fritz. 

Kevin was so cute, he wore his helmet and Fritz was quite amazed with his helmet. Then he took some picture of him and Kevin was a bit shy. LOL. It's the time when he slowly but sure fell asleep inside his helmet for nap. Cute!!

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