Friday, September 14, 2012


I've ever had some copy worksheet from my previous job when I taught a kindergarten private class. I collected the paper and wait for the right time for Fritz making it. Few of them are easily to make and suit for Fritz. So, I gave him those. Here we did:

Finding the match leave. Still need guidance to do it.

Fill in the blank sequence number. He can mention it but still need help to write the numbers. Sometimes, he made it upside down (for 20 --> 02) or confused (5 --> becomes unlines)

Sequencing the scrambled number, from 1-5 and he made it good!

Sequencing the pictures and still need help as it's new for him. However, he loves to do it and asks again and again. 

Find the next picture. He needs help.

Another sequencing picture. And still needs help making it and the numbers.

Overall, he still needs help making it and I think I've to postpone this worksheet for him. Let's we keep it and try it again later. ^^

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